Welcome to eFAN - the MJDS Fruit and Nuts (FAN) sale!

Thank you for joining us in this delicious, once-a-year, family-driven FUNdraiser!

In this unprecedented year of COVID 19, MJDS families and staff have come together as a community to support one another to successfully create an individualized, distance learning experience for our precious children.

As we move through uncharted waters, the economic uncertainty created by this crisis has begun to impact our families. FAN is how we support one another and MJDS to ensure every family who chooses an MJDS education can afford one.

There are two options available for those who prefer to make a gift rather than purchase FAN for themselves:

  1. In keeping with our school’s core value of tikkun olam (repairing the world), we offer a delicious, nutritious trail mix which will be donated to the Hunger Task Force and the Jewish Community Pantry.
  2. A direct donation which will support our Affordable Customized Tuition (ACT) program directly.

Thank you for your support!

** Goods or services are not received by the purchaser for these items and are therefore tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Please consult your tax advisor.

Delivery and Pick-Up Options

  • FAN orders placed with families will be delivered by Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Orders placed directly from the MJDS office will be available for pick up from the MJDS main office, 6401 N Santa Monica Blvd, Milwaukee, beginning  Wednesday, November 11. Contact Cheryl Siegel-Gajewski at 414-967-7136 or csiegel-gajewski@mjds.org to make a pick-up appointment.
  • Sorry, no shipping available.